Tuesday, December 25, 2007

You know what's really nice???

When someone asks you to make and pay for an item that you already have 1/2 finished in a bin in the closet!This post is the pro side of having many UFOS hid in the closet!
My sisters MIL asked me to make a baby blanket for a baby boy due in March. I have a lime green and blue mile a minute blanket over half done.I pulled it out, I need to re-do the edging on 2 strips and add a boarder to 1.Then I will have 10 completed strips,I'm guessing I'll need 16 for the completed blanket.I'm thinking I can do over this week and have it finished by the new year.These things go fast and are small enough to take to work in my knitting bag! I love knitting socks but after the "com socks" it's time for something different for awhile. I think I'll only charge $20 for the blanket just to add to the sweater/yarn fund. It's acrylic, it's small and totally a WIP as well as stash buster.
Right now I'm working on Britts blanket.I only really work on it while listing to the knit picks podcasts that I discovered 3 days ago.I'm on episode #28 of 30 so far. I know.I think if I segment projects to certain activities ,or podcasts, they will get more time in the project rotation. But I won't make myself not work on something if I'm really into it. That's just discouraging progress.
Anyway, I'm almost on skein 7 of 18 of the blanket.I have emptied a tote to put finished Christmas items.Next Christmas I will be taking the hand made challenge, and be doing my best to stick with it.

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