Monday, June 30, 2008

Look what I got in the mail!!!

Lime and violet sock yarn

Lime and Violet Shuanmi sock! In the colors Country mouse, Happy Bruise and Shiny!
It is SO soft and squishie!! I LOVE IT! The colors are amazing!!
I just placed another order 2 more for Shanmi and 2 more sasquatch sock. I had a $25 credit, I thought I'd make it worth it. Especially after my mother made me upset but let us not go there. :)
Lime and Violet are my favorite dyers around. They are just amazing!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Eimiles socks

eimilies socks
Originally uploaded by possum19871016
Finished baby socks! Hurra!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm back with FO's!

Here we go:
Orange guy!
Orange Guy!

Pink blankie! Made from 3 skeins from the stash !!!!


American girl doll bought for $47 at antique store holding Lime and Violet sock yarn:


I have sent the doll out for cleaning and limb reattachment. After repairs she is still $30 cheaper than buying one new off the website.
I also ordered a Blythe doll that I've wanted forever! I'll probably be receiving her next week sometime. Kit (the AG doll) will be back in a few weeks from her doll hospital stay. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stupid people..(Rant no knitting, come back tomorrow)

Today I got back from lunch to 3 people waiting for fabric. My back up was there but she's new and not very fast yet so there was a small wait not to bad. So my back up finishes the order she was working on and I took back over (there is only one spot to cut fabric in our store). So I finish up and a few minuites later I get a call "Do you have anyone back there to help you if you get busy?" I respond " If I got bad I could have someone use the scanner to help create the stickers,but other than that there is only one spot to cut fabric." He says "Oh, this one lady was really upset she had to wait.". What am I supposed to do? Cut her fabric with the power of my mind? Should I shoot lasers out of my eyes and get everyone done at once? Screw her! It's not my fault she got in line 3rd. Does she think I should have taken her first even though she was in line last? God forbid she had to wait a few minuites because she spent more time making up her mind than the first 2 customers. I hate people who think they are entitled, that they shouldn't have to wait like everyone else. Don't be surprised when you get in a LINE and then have to WAIT. That is just stupid and I can't stand stupid people! Don't wine about it either! You knew perfectly well when you stepped in line that the lady in front of you was getting 10 bolts of fabric and that she was going to be waited on first because she was here first!!!
The moral of the story is: Shut up, go to the back of the line,wait and if so help me god if I hear a peep I'll cut your fabric crooked on purpose. :P


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, yea

I'm back after spending most of the day with my sister in the hospital. Long story but to sum it all up they think it's another symptom of MS and she has to go in for an MRI tomorrow.They want to compare the new MRI with one she had last year to see if the spots on her brain are bigger and if there are more of them. I'm calling in late to work to take her. Normally I wouldn't, but because of the MRI (she's very claustrophobic) they may have to sedate her blah,blah,blah, in the end I'm mostly going to support her because there's pretty much no one else to take on this role.Her BF can't drive (he's mostly blind) our parents live 1/2 hour away our other 2 sisters even further. It's nice that I'm in town and can help out like today and tomorrow.
Anyway that's pretty much all. I was able to work a couple of rounds on my tunic in the hospital and will have about 3 hours wait tomorrow to work on it some more. I just found out a good friend of mine is having a boy so I'm knitting her a few pairs of baby socks.I started one tonight and omg I forgot how fast they go. I'm almost done with the cuff on the first one and I've just barely started! :)
My aunt fixed my sewing machine last night of which I am very great full. I have 2 quilt tops ready to be pieced.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Long time no see

Lets just say I've spent to much, crafted to little and have driven my husband just a little mad.
I'm happy to report my mothers day socks are finished and I just delivered them today. Bad daughter no cookie!
I have sewn a few super cute string blocks (see for more info) and turned them into house blocks that are AMAZING! Totally cute. I have crochet the middle of a baby blanket, I need to do a border to finish it off. It used 2 skeins of stash yarn! WEE! That's always nice when the stash produces a project.
I have become a Yellow dog knitting Diva. It's been so long since I've posted I don't think I've mentioned it.
I think I have 7 of the fabel sock yarn colors now. I haven't started anything with it yet, but I plan on starting a pair of socks soon.
I have started a simple stripes baby sweater out of Opals tiger color way.
I have started knitting my tunic, 10 more rows I think I'll be able to start working in the round.
I think I'm up to speed now. Hopefully it won't be this long again with out a post again.