Saturday, December 08, 2007

cleaning out the stash

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I've decided I need to clean out at least 10 more skeins before I buy my sweater yarn.
The Tiramisu blanket will take at least 5 maybe more.I'm addicted to this blanket. I can't put it down I'm already 1+ skeins in about 10 inches.I'm thinking it will be rectangular and I'm going to maybe alter the edging to be more gender neutral. I think it looks a little bit girly, but I'm reserving judgment until the end.
But it is going so quickly, I've maybe worked on this for 3 hours and I'm this far in.
I have been working on this while doing my favorite thing: Listening to podcasts and watching flickr sideshows of yarn and projects.
I really want to knit a pair of fuzzy feet. That would be 2 more skeins, and a pair of fingerless gloves, that's one more.I gave away 2 more skeins last wensday, a scarf 2 skeins of the caron simply soft shadows, 2 skeins patons sws for another scarf, 3 full skeins and 3 partial skeins for my garter scarf. That's just what I can see from sitting here on the bed looking around. Then I think I can justify the sweaters worth of Cascade 220 superwash.

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Sarah said...

good for you! My stash is organized, but I would love to only buy what I knit, I've been working my way through it lately though. It's satisfying to finish things up and have used the yarn.