Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Craft diet finalized

Ok, I think I finally know what I want to do. I am going to go 100 days without buying yarn starting Jan 1st 2008.
Loosely fallowing Wendy knits guidelines, sock yarn and dish cloth cotton doesn't count, as well as buying more yarn to finish a project. 1 day a month is open for stash enhancement.
My goals are simple, to deplete the stash as much as possible. Finish more of my wips. Start and hopefully finish some of the bigger projects I have yarn for.I really want to empty some of my bins!
I have started a top down sweater, I'm hoping this will take up all my black wool ease.
I also want to make a second Tiramisu blanket out of some mystery cotton from Goodwill after I finish this one. Each Tiramisu blanket takes about 1035 yards of yarn. Great stash buster!
I also want to work my way threw my Ravelry (knittyauntie) queue.It mostly involves small crochet/knit toys that I want to make out of my old acrylic stash. As well as some scarfs and baby clothes.So that is what I'm going to do. I hope the quick turn over of small projects in my queue will keep me interested enough to not want to buy yarn. I know I have more than enough yarn to keep my occupied over the course of my yarn diet. :)



Laura said...

Good luck! I don't have the willpower to go 100 days without buying yarn, LOL!

Forever V said...

HEY! you can't do that. you need to make a ko-08 exception clause in that diet. lol.