Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I'm mad.
My best friends wedding is on July 28th, no problem, except about 6 people are taking off from our department for that weekend. I've expressed my worries to the manager , but she's pretty damn flighty, so I'm nervious and mad that maybe I wont get it and I'll have to call in cause there is no way in hell that i'm missing it.
My sister might have MS, they are doing more testing,but they are pretty sure that's what it is.
My mom just had another heart operation, my s-dads kidneys are failing and my fiancie is pissing me off left and right as well as his parents!!

Why can't we go a week without fighting about them?? Why can't he just leave me alone until I simmerdown and QUIT ASKING WHY I'M PISSED WHEN HE KNOWS WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sad and frusterated because the best friends of my Stu who are like brothers to him are dissing him and making him mad and I'm the one who takes the punishment!!

I'm just crocheting my frusterations out into a baby blanket for my cousin due in january.

I'm just sad