Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First sock syndrome??

This is what happens to me, I work for months and months (In this case since December)on the first sock then the second sock takes like 5 minuites.
Here are my mothers day socks for my mom: Moms socks

Not quite finished yet huh? The second sock takes a lot less time than the first, so hopefully I won't be to late on the M-day socks.

In the mean time I hit up Yellow Dog for some of there wonderful Fable sock yarn:

Fable sock yarn

I think I'm going to join the 52 pair plunge this year. I have plans for a lot of worsted weight wool socks for my charity project. It would be very good motivation to keep up!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

On vacation

Hubby and I have taken the last 4 days off together. One more day and I need to go back ,the only good thing about that is that I start fabrics on Thursday!! YAY!

Along the lines of good news is I finished the c-2-c blankie and a crochet shell c-2-c blanket. I've also finished a preemie gown and a doll blanket.
I have worked on the Log Cabin blanket a bit some to.

I have cut out all of the small pieces for a queen sized double wedding ring quilt.
The only problem is that the chair I got to sit in while quilting is mega not comfortable at all and it hurts to sew. Ya, it's going back tomorrow and I'm up grading.

I'm working on some preemie items and I want to design some of my own so I'm buying this pattern:
To help me with my proportions.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Who would have thought...

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2 years ago today Stu and I went out on our first date. I went over to his place at the time and we watched various tv shows including Drawn Together, South Park , John Stewart and the finale: 13th Warrior.
He ordered Jeff and Jims pizza and was surprised that I liked the same toppings that he does : Pepperoni and mushrooms!
We also took a walk down by the lake and talked about super heros. He taught me about Venom :).

The first time he saw me knitting was the first time I met his parents. I had met him at his apartment and we were taking his car. I worked on my moms mothers day socks that year. He thought I was odd, but good enough to stick with I guess.... :)

2 years later, a bunch of ups and downs. Still in love.

We survived World of War Craft, we can survive anything!