Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm a good wife


As a 1930s wife, I am

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Things I would like to finish

#1. My hand dyed sock. 1 sock complete, one on the foot, hopefully finished or almost finished today. Been on the needles for months.
#2. Gift scarf 1/2 finished. Will probably take a couple days to finish.
#3. The green afghan. 1/2 finished,will take about a week to complete.
#4. Knit the freakin' ears for my Bobbi bear already, it's been about a year and that is all he needs to be complete.
#5. My sweater. The body is almost finished. Could be finished in a week.
#6. Granny baby blanket. 20 more grannys to crochet, would take 3 or 4 days to finish.
#7. Log cabin blanket. 14 more squares to make. Would take about a week to finish.
#8. Dots blanket. A week tops.
#9. Fish blanket. A month or so on and off. There are a lot of fishies to knit yet!
#10. Cotton bag. Needs handle. An evening at the most.
#11. The dish clothes for my MIL Christmas gift. 1 or 2 days.
#12. My sisters mittens. A day or 2.
#13. The Nerdclub socks. A week to finish.
#14. Optmus Prime. His body is finished, need arms and legs. 2 weeks to finish.

I think that is all, but I'm not digging around to find them all.

I would like to start the following:
#1. A mitered square vest turned jacket via my own alterations.
#2. Scarf for me.
#3. Scarf for hubby.
#4. Scarf for sister.
#5. Socks. A lot of them.
#6. Blue afghan.
#7. Another sweater for me.

Looks like I need to get knitting....