Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Goals for the new year...

...and the process thus far:
Brittneys blanket (5 colors in already!)
Devyns blanket (1 block done, need more yarn)
My blanket (Started Wool Ease)
Aryns blanket (Vannas Choice)
Bradys blanket (Ripple Vannas Choice)
Brianas blanket (Pink Vannas Choice)
scarfs (STASH)
8 pairs Mittins (Sheep shots mittin blitz)
8 pairs of wool socks (warm woolies)
Hats (STASH)
20 Wash cloths (no more new cotton yarn until tote is empty!)
Ripple (cotton ease)
1 pair of socks a month
Sample afghan from Vannas Heartfelt book

All but 2 of those projects I have the yarn for already.I wonder how many thousands of yards that is. I have My afghan and Brittneys afghan in my projects on ravelry and I think just between those 2 are over 4000 yards them selfs.
So now you see why I truly need a stash diet...


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Elizabeth Spinner said...

I also love working with Knitpicks Crayon. So far I've made a top for me and a prayer shawl for my daughter's First Communion. So simple, just cast on enough for the short side of the rectangle then garter stitch with the occasional k2tog/YO row about every 10 ridges, then add a fringe on the short ends.

I think it's an especially nice yarn if you like the texture of Lion Brand Homespun but would rather work with natural fibers.