Monday, December 03, 2007

Taking stock

I'm trying to get things in order before my vacation starts on friday night.I'm totally useing some of this time to clear up some ufos so,Here is a not so complete list of my ufos/wips:

The Green Bunny that I'm working on tonight and will hopefully finish by the end of my weekend.
Nothin but a kids t-shirt in the 6 month size
Bobbi bear
corner to cornner afghan in Cotton tots
Chevron scarf
Devyns blanket
Magic 28 socks

Long term projects:
Cotton granny
The Queen sized blanket
baby log cabin
The Fish afghan

I have the yarn, but have not started:
Ripple in Cotton ease
A sweaters worth on lion brand wool-ease in black
the wedding shawl
A lot of hats and scarfs
baby it's cold outside #2

There are at least 5 projects that I could finish on my vacation, but I'm not going to push myself.I do however hope to have a good parade of finished objects next wensday after 5 days off in a row with minimal interuptions.At least some good progress pics if nothing else.
BTW, Marcies Socks are finished. probally will save the pic for the parade...

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Laura said...

You sound just like me, LOL! I have so many projects planned I'll probably never get around to making them all! I have Christmas week off from work, and am so looking forward to having some extra time to crochet (in between my kids interrupting me, of course!).