Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a new kind of yarn diet

For each skein of yarn I use I can buy a new one. For each FO I can buy 2.
Seeing as I never finish anything the former is practly irrelivent. :)
HOWEVER I have been knitting tiny baby things, and now I am making size 3-5 hats for the head start program my neice belongs to.
So small things like this may eat up more yarn than one may think....
I'm hoping anyway. Stu was going threw the bedroom looking for somthing the night before last and discovered a couple tubs that he didn't know about that just happen to be filled with yarn.I think he got a little scared...


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tiny things

I altered knittin moms tiny sock pattern and here are my results, changes include non-ribbed top and a heel flap:

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Preemie socks, quarter for scale
Yarn Plymouth yarn Dream Baby D.K. 50% acrylic micro fiber 50% nylon
Size 3 needles set of 4
Co 24 sts distribute evenly across needles 8/8/8
1-10 k2,p2 around
11-18 knit 12 sts ,turn purl back
19 k6 , k2 tog, turn
20 k3 k2 tog turn
Continue in this way knitting 2tog across the gap until 8 sts remain
21 Pick up 4 sts on each side of the heel flap
22 Knit to 3 sts before needle change k2 tog knit across top needle k1, k2 tog k to end
23 Knit across all needles
24-26 Rep rows 22-23 once more 24 sts remain
Knit across all needles for 12 rows
Shape toe:
27 Knit to last 3 sts k2 tog ,k2, k2 tog, k to last 3 sts on needle k2 tog ,k 2 k to end of needle
28 knit across
Rep rows 27-28 until 4 sts remain cut yarn,
Run yarn threw sts pull tight fasten off yarn, weave in your ends
Enjoy tiny socks!

I have a few more tiny things made and a few more in the works.

I also managed to cut up 2 yards of fabric that my sister asked me to months ago.
Another thing checked off the list!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Contest at moms knitting!!!!
Is holding a contest for some yummy yarn, and all you have to do is enter and knit tiny little baby things!LOVE THAT!
So go, go now! Enter and knit your heart out for the tiny babies!!!
I'm going now, whos with me! KNIT ON!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm tired!

Working in a public place really makes you sick alot, both metophoric and phyisically.
I'm constant companion with Mr. Snuffy nose and Ms. Clogged head.
I wish I had more sick days.

I finished the second pair of magic 28 socks last night.I'm not casting on for another pair until I finish Britts sweater. Still working on the back.
My lap top has been down.It wont connect to the internet, and it's pissing me off.Other wise my cronic blog-reading would have allowed me to finish the back by now. I can only knit comfy and read the computer when sitting on the couch. So Stus desk top is my only access to the internet.I don't like it but it will do for now.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It turned f*ing cold this past week and I have been hiding under 2 of my blanket projects.
A nice large Lionbrand jiffy giant granny square planned as a lap blanket for mom for Christmas. Useing 2 different dye lots as stripes and a brown edging. Mom likes natural colors and this fits the bill.
Looking for my longer size 10's to continue my log cabin again.
I found a pattern for a crochet jacket that I WANT BADLY!
Already have the pattern and the yarn, want to finish something else first. 2 1/2 more skeins until moms blankets done. Maybe after that....
Going to the yarn shop tomorrow, hopefully will find something intresting...
On to the second sock of the second pair of magic 28 socks!
My order from knitpicks should be coming in a day or 2. The yarn is for a blanket for my niece.Larger than past blankets I've made for her.Hopefully twin size for her b-day next year.
If you thought I was going to say Christmas, you must really think I'm insane.
I'm talking her b-day next october.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The first pair of the magic 28 socks I pledged!
All but for the weaving in of ends.
I have about a million darning needles here somewhere, now only if one will surface so I can weave in the ends......

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

6 inches short

Until I get to the neck on the back of Britts sweater.
She spent the night last night, but I forgot to compare the completed parts up to her to see of they were right.... Oh well, maybe next time.
I hope I have enough yarn, I'm thinking I might but we will see when I finish the back, hopefully this week sometime. I have been taking it to work with me everyday.
I can't get anymore of this yarn, it was clearanced at Micheals and I got the last 5 skeins. So it HAS to be enough!!