Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Socks Wee!!! and Yarn diet

After finishing my lornas socks the other day I picked up my green Austerman socks that have languashed sence last winter. I finished the first one and cast on the second tonight. I LOVE Austerman!! I am so glad I have 2 more skeins of this in my stash! It makes my hands so soft from the Aloe and jojoba oil?!?!So nice!!!
As of November 1st I am going on a yarn diet until January 1st.
The exceptions are :
Gifts/projects that need more yarn to be finished
Sock yarn
1 fall off the wagon, although I am strictly staying away from yarn stores , but my Friend Lara is doing some christmas crocheting so I may have to go with her to pick out some more. However I'm totally tempted to go to the lime and violet shop and clear them out of sock yarn!!!!
I'm sticking with this one , I AM I AM I AM!!!!!!I have WAY to much yarn right now and I totally need to just knit my stuff that I already have and just not worry about anything else.


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