Thursday, October 04, 2007

In order to have progress...

You have to knit!!!
Yesterday after my post I continued on my finishing things.I knocked out the second 1/2 of a dish cloth, the rest of that hat and the other 1/2 of one of my sock ornaments.
Ever sence I discovered Cast-On I've been addicted and have used the listining of the back issues I have been knitting.

I have ripped the tofutsies socks, I dug them out the other day and for some reason not one but 2 needles had been pulled out and dropped sts galore!So I ripped and started on my Swedish socks.So soft!LOVE IT!
I'm also 2 dec rows from the foot on my Lornas laces socks.

I really want to knit more dish clothes, as craft show season is coming up!
I'm looking forward to it very much!
There are a few quilts that I would like to start.
As well as a few doll quilts for Christmas, maybe.

I really want to take my vacation time soon.Hopefully early november.
I'm also amaized that I've acually been able to put togeather a coherent post lately.
I think I'm just getting into my grove and it's making me happy.


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