Monday, October 08, 2007

A fell off the wagon at Micheals and 9 skeins of Vannas choice yarn(on sale), and the book 200 crochet blocks ( I had a 50% off coupon).
Also at borders I got Babys and Toddlers a knitters dozen.There is an awesome baby sweater made out of 2 hexagons that I SO want to try.
I also recived a Ty Pluffie sheep named Shearly from Stu today for going to the game shop with him.
I finished the baby hat and have enough left over for slippers!
My right arm hurts, but I havn't been knitting much today, so it makes no sence...
Oh well, I need to finish something. I'm on a big case of startites, and it sucks, cause I want to finish!!!
To the toe on my lornas sock.
Thats all for now!


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