Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Birthday was yesterday

Nothing exciting happened.Stu and I went to lunch at my favorite Mexican place.I also got to go to the yarn shop and the fabric shop.I acquired some awesome sock monkey fabric as well as 3 "Wheels" of yarn.Lets just say there interesting and I don't know what they will be yet but I'm looking forward to using them in something interesting.
I finished knitting the red and beige baby sweater, I have seamed it and it just needs buttons.
I started a huge project that I think will take 4 years to complete and will use all of the red heart acrylic I have left in my stash.I am crocheting a queen size bedspread for our bed.A single row takes about 1 1/2 hours, maybe more.I'm on my second skein almost 4 rows in. A 7oz skein goes for about 2 1/2 rows.It's going to be incredibly scrappy, but beautiful and an epic project that, like I said, will take 4 years.
Almost done with the heel on the second Lornas sock. I might knock that out tonight.


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