Wednesday, October 24, 2007

yarn hop!

Lara and I hopped from Color crossing to the quilt shop in Hudson.
I skein of Mountain colors glacier teal came home with me as well as a small skein of cotton and 6 skeins of something to make a baby blanket with in watermelon and lime (not official colors, just my perception).
Also a new bead shop in town just opened and we visited.I found awesome glass beads to make stitch markers with,there are sheep and rams, nuff said. I also got a butterfly glass bead and put it on a black rope necklace and it's wonderful. I've worn it all evening since I got home and put it together.
12 rows in on the monster blanket, I'm making it length wise instead of horizontal so it is crazy long.
I also joined knitwars!Join here:
Crazy inspiring it made me knit 2 rows on monster tonight just for the xp!!!


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