Saturday, October 06, 2007

Starting a Hope Chest

The other day when my aunt was up we were talking about baby knits (she knits for hospitals) and we came across knitting for my future children, and also, starting a hope chest.I HAVE yarn for things I want to knit my baby when I become pregnant.
Patterns as well. The one Debbie Bliss book I have (Celtic Knits) I bought for the Moss stitch baby cartigan and baby fair isle sweater - only.
Recently I have been thinking about having a baby,alot. Although it's not possable for us to accomadate a baby right now, even if I did knit all of it's clothes for the first year.I'm just fasinated with the idea of a baby in the house. There hasn't been a new baby in the family for 3 1/2 years now and I miss it. I can't wait to meet my babys and see what they look like, to hear them snore,to smell baby...You all know that smell.
I want my kids to grow up with there cousins, that will only ever be my sisters kids as Stu is an only child and his only cousin and his wife can not have kids of there own.
So baby knitting instead of baby making it is!!I have a hat on the needles for the hope chest. I really wish I had an actual chest, but a rubbermaid container will do for now.
Also the toteman I'm knitting, after that is the Moss stitch cardigan from Celtic knits.
I think I'm a bit obsessed, but here we are.
And Lisa, if your reading, don't tell my mom.


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