Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Useing my yarn

Several months ago I started a baby sized granny blanket.I finished it but it didn't look finished, you know how that is right?
I had 2 skeins left, so today I pulled it out with the 2 skeins useing a n hook and both skeins of yarn and put a ruffely thick border and now it looks alot better, and I like it alot more and now I can take it to my moms house where I keep my craft sale stash and finally mark it finished for good.
I finished the first lornas laces sock, then cast on and knit the first 2 rows of the second.
Going threw my stash a bit today, I found I have 23 skeins of dish cloth cotton + 1 large cone.
I justafy my dish cloth cotton because I sell hand knit dish cloths at craft sales.
Either way I totally need to knit them up,eventually....
This month I'm making it my goal to knit up all of my pink dish cloth cotton in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month. only about 3 skeins, this shouldn't be to hard.
I've been bouncing around so much with projects nothing getting any real progress.
I've been working a couple rows on the cotton tots blanket.It sheads/pills so bad though, but It feels so soft, I'm willing to put up with it - slowly.
I started crocheting a jacket out of 4 skeins of red heart Earth and Sky.I plan on lineing it with polar fleece.My own fly by the seat of my pants pattern.


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