Monday, January 14, 2008

I went shopping!

But all the yarn I got was cleared threw my rules. I got 2 skeins of Vannas choice for my nephews Christmas blanket and 1 skein Lion brand wool for socks for Warm Woolies. My main charity project for this year.
Theres a book store going out of business and I got an awesome new Journal for 50% off and the new "Son of stitch and bitch" from Debbie Stoller for 25% off. As well as a pack of Rudolph cards for 75% off. I have another dish cloth almost finished, and I have started a Heartbreakingly cute baby Kimono with 2 matching skeins of dish cloth cotton I found in the stash, thus adding another item to my hope chest and trying a pattern I've seen everywhere and wanted to knit forever and reducing the dish cloth cotton stash even more!That's a lot of accomplishment for 1 project. :)




Dorothy said...

I'm working on a heartbreakingly cute baby kimono right now! It's taking longer than I thought it would, and I'm a little concerned about seaming it up, but it is looking cute!

Hi - I found you through the dishcloth swap!

secret said...

I am your partner for the Doldrums swap! I just wanted to pop over and say a quick hello:)