Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reset the clock

I reset for 100 days because I want a fresh start. This is not a hard 100 days, IE it can change at any time.
I purchased 4 skeins on malabrigo today. That will be my last purchase for at least a month. I want to finish the sweater I bought yarn for tonight (I just cast it on), my socks (1 sock to go) and that denim baby jacket I got yarn for about 2 years ago?? Longer? Maybe? I started the sleeve last night.
I just feel guilty, because I want more and I just can't afford it. So if I use what I have maybe I'll feel better later and be able to justify an afghans worth later this year.
I finished those 2 things yesterday.As well as that ever lovin' cotton baby blanket a week or so ago. I'm still waiting on the yarn for the rest of my first malabrigo sweater.Once that is done and I can wear it I'll feel a lot better.
I started a child's hoodie out of stash yarn and I have the back completed.
I also want to crochet a blanket with some good will cotton I picked up last summer to clean out that tote. I want to simplify and stream line my yarn to what I actually want to knit and not just because it was on sale or cheep.
Some days I look at my yarn and think "Am I going to be able to knit all this, and do I really want to?". Yes I do. I really do. I have plans for most of my yarn. Very little doesn't have a project pegged. It's just a matter of getting to it, and that means working my way threw the stash. Making those long awaited projects come to life and enjoy them and not just the idea of them.Fighting off Startitis while going threw the stash will be hard.Tomten was the last thing off the needles from last falls bout and I really hate cleaning up after it.Although I fear it's already started.
Projects in the works right now are my new malabrigo sweater, the acrylic hoodie, the lace scarf, the socks and the denim baby jacket. The log cabin blanket and babette get worked on in spurts,as well as the dish cloths and the left over cotton blanket. I want to start Serenity in lake cotton ease I have in my stash but I will wait until the acrylic hoodie is finished.I need to see if I have the correct needles for Serenity.


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Sarah said...

I have been sorting the yarn too. I hate to hang on to yarn just because. I'd rather not have a stash!