Wednesday, February 27, 2008

all that goes on

I was so busy this weekend, I hardly knit a stitch on monday, tuesday I hit it hard finishing those 2 projects, today I had an appointment, but thankfully it brought me close to a yarn store to pick up the dpns for my sleeves on the malabrigo sweater.In this adventure of making up a seam less sweater, I have discovered that 2 circs are NOT for me.It's starting to get nice here and I swear if it kills me I will wear it before summer hits.
I've knit about 6" on the first sleeve, and will continue to knit it exclusively at home until it's finished.
I'm on the toe of the sock. I will finish it tomorrow at work. Simply because the sweater is way to huge to take anywhere, except to haul up on my lap to work on.
I bought some real nice hand dyed sock yarn there. I should shop there more, they have some great indie yarn that is FABULAS!
My aunt gave me a sweaters worth of Kona bay knitting yarn 75% acrylic,15%alpaca,10% nylon.I'm going to make Thermal from knitty once I've finished the malabrigo sweater.It is a pretty grape color.I love it!


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