Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stupid people..(Rant no knitting, come back tomorrow)

Today I got back from lunch to 3 people waiting for fabric. My back up was there but she's new and not very fast yet so there was a small wait not to bad. So my back up finishes the order she was working on and I took back over (there is only one spot to cut fabric in our store). So I finish up and a few minuites later I get a call "Do you have anyone back there to help you if you get busy?" I respond " If I got bad I could have someone use the scanner to help create the stickers,but other than that there is only one spot to cut fabric." He says "Oh, this one lady was really upset she had to wait.". What am I supposed to do? Cut her fabric with the power of my mind? Should I shoot lasers out of my eyes and get everyone done at once? Screw her! It's not my fault she got in line 3rd. Does she think I should have taken her first even though she was in line last? God forbid she had to wait a few minuites because she spent more time making up her mind than the first 2 customers. I hate people who think they are entitled, that they shouldn't have to wait like everyone else. Don't be surprised when you get in a LINE and then have to WAIT. That is just stupid and I can't stand stupid people! Don't wine about it either! You knew perfectly well when you stepped in line that the lady in front of you was getting 10 bolts of fabric and that she was going to be waited on first because she was here first!!!
The moral of the story is: Shut up, go to the back of the line,wait and if so help me god if I hear a peep I'll cut your fabric crooked on purpose. :P


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madonnaearth said...

LOL...and this warranted a call to you why? That's the worst part.