Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, yea

I'm back after spending most of the day with my sister in the hospital. Long story but to sum it all up they think it's another symptom of MS and she has to go in for an MRI tomorrow.They want to compare the new MRI with one she had last year to see if the spots on her brain are bigger and if there are more of them. I'm calling in late to work to take her. Normally I wouldn't, but because of the MRI (she's very claustrophobic) they may have to sedate her blah,blah,blah, in the end I'm mostly going to support her because there's pretty much no one else to take on this role.Her BF can't drive (he's mostly blind) our parents live 1/2 hour away our other 2 sisters even further. It's nice that I'm in town and can help out like today and tomorrow.
Anyway that's pretty much all. I was able to work a couple of rounds on my tunic in the hospital and will have about 3 hours wait tomorrow to work on it some more. I just found out a good friend of mine is having a boy so I'm knitting her a few pairs of baby socks.I started one tonight and omg I forgot how fast they go. I'm almost done with the cuff on the first one and I've just barely started! :)
My aunt fixed my sewing machine last night of which I am very great full. I have 2 quilt tops ready to be pieced.


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