Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sleeves done!

I think I was smart to do the sleeves first on the size 5 sweater.
They were very quick and fun!
Now the front and back are just giant garter st rectangles, so I can see myself switching between the size 5 and size six sweater.
I think I'll be calling the size 5 sweater Britts sweater and the 6 Bradys, for the intended recipiants.
Britts is a fushia defuised by a strand running threw it that fades from black to navy to a slightly lighter pink.
Bradys is a dusty blue.
I also finished a log on the afghan and cant start a new one until I unearth my size 10 circs.It is now way to large for my 10 inch straights!
It's been rainy and cold. The perfect time for big afghan knitting!
A small bit on the socks have been worked.I'm on the heel of the second sock now.I'm just happy to be seeing results in my knitting again.
I feel like I've been in a stand still forever.It's nice to be moving again....

ttyl, Hayley

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