Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I joined!

I was going threw some old projects today and I came across this pair of mittins I started last year.It was my own pattern, of wich I didn't write down.
I ripped it and promptly started Normas magic 28 sock and joined the web ring, link on the bottom of the page.
I have pledged 12 pairs before the end of winter.
The first sock is past it's gusset. SO QUICK!
I know I have so much Christmas knitting, but I need something low stress and portable.All in all, just something to make me feel good on the inside.
I have a bit of wool, only hand washable in alot of brite colors. I however, don't "do" hand wash only and neither does my family. So this is a good way to use it up for a good cause

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