Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It turned f*ing cold this past week and I have been hiding under 2 of my blanket projects.
A nice large Lionbrand jiffy giant granny square planned as a lap blanket for mom for Christmas. Useing 2 different dye lots as stripes and a brown edging. Mom likes natural colors and this fits the bill.
Looking for my longer size 10's to continue my log cabin again.
I found a pattern for a crochet jacket that I WANT BADLY!
Already have the pattern and the yarn, want to finish something else first. 2 1/2 more skeins until moms blankets done. Maybe after that....
Going to the yarn shop tomorrow, hopefully will find something intresting...
On to the second sock of the second pair of magic 28 socks!
My order from knitpicks should be coming in a day or 2. The yarn is for a blanket for my niece.Larger than past blankets I've made for her.Hopefully twin size for her b-day next year.
If you thought I was going to say Christmas, you must really think I'm insane.
I'm talking her b-day next october.


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