Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update on wips and baby gifts

Well, one of the pregger girls at work quit, so I'm not knitting her anything. I finished a baby blanket for one of the ladys due in may, a set of baby socks is also complete and another set cast on and down to the heal turn on the first one. I will probally complete the pair tomorrow.
Right now I'm catching up reading blogs and working on my sweater. Simple stocknette in the round, perfect space out knitting.
It's going very quickly, already going into my 2nd skein.
It's being knitted in Lion Brand Wool ease, blue heather on size 9 needles, pattern, none but by the seat of my pants design.
9 inches of a planed 24 already knit.
I only work on it at my folks where I do the bulk of my online reading.
I have a compuiter at my house, but Stu is usually using it so I wait and then knit like all heck on my sweater once a week and I see alot of progress even though I'm not working on it constantly.

I'll have photos someday, it snowed over the weekend and is fairly gloomy, not good photo taking weather.


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