Monday, November 20, 2006

Baby Gifts

Many people at work are expecting babys in the next few months and I'm up to my eye balls in crocheting/knitting baby gifts. 2 of the ladys I'm perticuarly close with are getting blankets and the other 3 are getting hat/bootie sets - that I havn't started yet- but I digress.
I've also have gotten orders for 2 pairs of baby booties/socks that I need to complete in the next week.
1 of the blankets is almost done, 1 I started tonight ( the blankets are giant granny squares) and I havn't started on any of the others.
The blankets both need to be done by the end of april,or the baby showers, when ever they may be. The first baby due is in December,then 1 in Febuary, 1 in April and 2 in may.
I just need to sit down and get it done. I'm thinking this week end will be filled with hat and bootie crocheting.
I also want to make a few extras for charity after the gift crocheting is done.
We will see, we will see......

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