Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas came and Christmas went,3 days in a row

Day 1 (Christmas eve): work from 12 to 6:30 go to sister #3's house and disperse presents to the 3 B's, making Stu never want to have children. His exact words were " Phicial law states that 1 person can be in no more that one place at once. BULL S***T!!!!THOSE THINGS WERE EVERYWHERE!!!!!"

Day 2(Christmas): Visit sister #2's house for Christmas feast and disperse more Christmas presants to 2 more ,silghtly better behaved childern. Stu is still insisting that we will never have children.

Day 3(day after Christmas): We visit Stu's folks, disperse more Christmas presants.Stu tells him mother we will never give her grandchildren, making her almost cry.(I don't like his mother, this was a very satisfactory reaction for me because she treats me as though I am her grandchild machine.Stu is an only child,therefor I'm her only chance at grandchilden. I'm not even 20 yet. I'm not having kids until this bitch no longer walks this earth, or drives her scooter while I'm at it.She pisses me off that bad!)
I sit back and say nothing, but I'm giggling with glee inside.

I want kids, I really do, but not while his parents are alive.They torture me enough, I don't want to bring kids into it.His dad is 80 and his mom almost 70, I'm hoping we wont have to wait long.

Oh yea, and while I'm at it sis#1 announced she is fileing for divorce. Her husband thinks he's found something better so she's letting him have it.
There are 2 kids in the mix, a 9 year old daughter that my sis had from another relationship and a 3 year old boy that they had togeather.

Not any knitting, just need to vent.Camera cord still gone,considering getting a new camera with tax returns.

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