Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It is the first week of a new year and many people vow to change them selfs over the next year, mostly for the better......... :)
I like to vow to knit at least 1 item for a charity. This year I select http://www.knitforkids.org/

I want to make at least 1 sweater,hopefully more.
There simple enough for me to work on at work and I can change the colors and pattern to suite my mood and the diffaculty level I want.As well as useing up my extensive "small ball" stash.
I've already cast on the front of a sweater!

In other news I won some yarn from http://www.yellowdogknitting.com/blog/ !!
Hopefully with tax returns I will get a new camera, as mine is so old I can't find a new cord for it! YAY! :P

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