Thursday, May 01, 2008

Who would have thought...

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2 years ago today Stu and I went out on our first date. I went over to his place at the time and we watched various tv shows including Drawn Together, South Park , John Stewart and the finale: 13th Warrior.
He ordered Jeff and Jims pizza and was surprised that I liked the same toppings that he does : Pepperoni and mushrooms!
We also took a walk down by the lake and talked about super heros. He taught me about Venom :).

The first time he saw me knitting was the first time I met his parents. I had met him at his apartment and we were taking his car. I worked on my moms mothers day socks that year. He thought I was odd, but good enough to stick with I guess.... :)

2 years later, a bunch of ups and downs. Still in love.

We survived World of War Craft, we can survive anything!

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Lizzy said...

awwwwwwww what a sweet story! world of warcraft is definitely demanding, hubby finally stopped playing cuz it was cutting into family time and stuff.