Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Adding a few more things

I realize today, that I may have made it a bit to easy on my self last night.Last night I ripped the ripple, and crochet 10 squares for my cotton granny. The burp cloth is less than 5" from completion.That only leaves 2 things left, both could be finished within the week.The point is for it to last for 3 weeks until the next pay check comes around.
So I add (complete list) :
Finish current socks,I'm on the foot of the first one.
Make 2 somethings off my ravelry queue.
Make 10 more squares for one of my afghans.
Knit another burp cloth.
Cast on for Sprout, an Amy King design in stashed cotton ease.
finish the 1/2 finished c-2-c baby blanket
knit 4 washcloths

I'm back to trying to pair down the cotton stash. Soon it will be summer and small things will take over the big. So I'll be trying to knit one wash cloth a week again. The burp clothes are being knit from a cone of peaches 'n cream. I think I can get at least 3 out of the cone.Then maybe I'll pair up some of my solids and make some stripy cloths,because knitting plain dish cloths boars me to tears, and I don't know why knowing this I bought them anyway.I have a cone of ecru, and about 6 skeins of different solids, so that's a lot of burp cloths!I like the pattern because it's simple enough to do while reading, watching tv etc. but interesting enough to not make you want to throw it in the river if your knitting it just to be knitting.
It is really nice out today, I have the screen door open for the first time in months airing out the apartment. I got my laundry done for the week, had a latte and knit on my socks waiting at the laundromat watching the price of gas go up. It is now $3.27 per gallon. Glad I filled up yesterday at $3.23 . :(
The hubby and I have been car pooling, thank god we work at the same place and relatively the same hours or we would be very broke. Hence my wip/stash obsession until I can buy new yarn. That and I get my yearly raise starting April 2nd, so I really want to treat myself with that first check and not feel guilty about it.
After I finish my list I figure I've used approximately $60 worth of yarn, so I can spend that much,maybe. I'm hoping to way over shoot my goal.After all I do have 3 weeks and a lot of those projects only take a day or so...

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