Tuesday, September 23, 2008

21 dishcloth challange!

So I was looking at my stash tonight and realized that I had no more room in the 2 totes that I have my dish cloth cotton in.Refusing the thought of "Oh I need another tote" I was going to knit 10 dish clothes before I got anymore. Well, in an effort of using the yarn house as a destashing technique I filled a room in the house with the cotton and stated to plurk and the world that I will try to use up as much yarn as I put in that room before my birthday. So the long and the short of it: I'm trying to knit 21 dish cloths before my 21st birthday, starting today I have until october 16th to complete them. I've already knit 1 1/2, and I have tomorrow off. If all I do is knit tomorrow I'll probably complete 4 more, but don't take that as the gospel, I have alot on my plate right now. :)
I'm not going to cry if I don't finish them. It's just a small goal to help me destash a bit. :)



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