Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Huge stash buster!

scrap afghan

This is what I have been working on and has been a giant time suck,I couldn't take myself away from it, but has also taken up a couple thousand yards of stash. The brown in between color rows took up almost 3 super saver skeins that are 364 yards each.It is big enough to cover the top of our queen sized bed. All of the color rows are scrap balls so I don't know how many yards in all.The yarn I made this out of filled up a laundry basket. I still have well over 1/2 left over.

I'm giving this afghan to my friend Marci. It was her birthday on April 9 so I'm a little late. She was born a hippy, she will love this!

I have started another scrap afghan ,left overs from the other blanket, making panels and when there done I'll be crocheting them together. :)
I don't know who I'll gift the next one to. I'm trying to clear out to get some more room in here!!!

I started a baby sweater on size 1's with baby ull in pale purple and pink with white ribbing. It is so tiny and cute! I found out another girl at work is pregnant so add her to the list of 4+ people who are expecting that I know.

I worked on the c-2-c blanket today. I finished the last skein of yellow. 1 more green and it will be time to work an edging. I think a baby sweater and blanket for each is good. Maybe a pair of baby socks. Or a hat. I love babies!


Sarah said...

It looks great!!

razorknitgirl said...

very cool stash buster!

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